Together We Inspire!

Nino & Adèle

My great-grandfather was a national hero and growing up, everyone always knew who I was because of his actions. It always surprised me, because it wasn’t me who did anything special. But somehow, having him as a role model, I always knew that I would also need to grow up to inspire and make others feel empowered to succeed and achieve.

So, I became a teacher. More specifically, an Art Teacher as I wanted to inspire self-expression through the creative process.

An then, one day over dinner, an idea for Mini Pioneers brand manifested itself. Adèle (my daughter) was learning about family trees at school and was surprised to find out that her great-great-grandfather was a hero. To continue his legacy and combine it with creativity, we decided to make inspirational designs for t-shirts, stickers, and other products for kids. We wanted to inspire the next generation of heroes to stand up for their beliefs, to reach for their dreams, and motivate others by sharing our collective vision.

When you wear one of our t-shirts or use our other products, you are sending a message to the world around you. This is how you become a hero and inspire others to action. We are heroes together and together we inspire!